Wardrobe planning, and finding your style

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I always thought that “finding your style” is a very tricky thing!

I mean, when discussing this I often find that we can’t even define what “style” is, what do we mean when we say that word? I feel that the most common mistake is to confuse “style” with possessions, or things.

And things that you own, or wish to own, are not style, no way.

But how he things are put together can be style. So you can say that style is what lies between the things, and their relation to each other.

Let’s take an example: wellies. (rubber boots, that is)

Wellies with a silk dress tells one story, wellies with jeans and a fleece jacket tells a very different story.

So It’s all about the story you want to tell, and hopefully making other people actually BELIVE about you. (I have worked with clothes and fashion for years and years, and I’ve always seen fashion/style/clothes as storytelling. )

So what is the story you want to tell? What do you want other people to say when they talk about you? Is there even a lie, or an exaggeration, that you really would like other people to believe about you?

Ooops, three short questions and we’re already in pretty deep water here!


I feel that many style advisors (books, blogs..) have a very limited view on what style is, it feels like they’re always showing examples that are suitable for well paid office workers with important jobs, which is pretty far from me.

For example. I’ve seen NO occasion in the past when I felt that my wardrobe was missing classic, well tailored, high quality and good fitting navy blue pants. When on earth would I wear something like that? But “office-dressing” is often described as the ultimate perfect wardrobe, and no alternatives are given at all. I find that bad advice, in general.

(Well, I’m not stupid, I do understand that women and men who have to show up as well groomed and successfully looking career people at the office every morning are the ones that A: Can pay for the often expensive solutions offered, and B: Might be very much in NEED of the advice.)

But how to find your style and plan your wardrobe when your needs are totally different?

I’d say that when you look closer, you can find very good advice both online and in a few books/magazines too.

Here are two examples I found this week!

The blog “The Vivienne files” is in general a bit into “office-dressing” ( Navy pants!!) but the writer is very good at describing what style is, and she gives excellent advice on how to THINK, not what to buy. Great, in my book!

In this post she makes you really see the style of six different Hermès scarves by picking accessories to match. Perfect examples of what style is all about and how to look at what you have, use and like, and let that guide you in your style search.


Another lovely example is from a blog called Handmade by Carolyn. I don’t think she intended this post to be a style guide, but it is!

She made a dress that turned out to be the most perfect garment, and it literally got worn to death! If you have anything in your wardrobe that you wear all the time, that suits you in style, fabric and color, and works for all occasions, is comfortable and easy to wear and care for, you are so lucky! This is a great template for the rest of the wardrobe and tells a lot about your own true style!



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