Visiting Falkenbergs museum, and my friend Matilda Norberg!

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all-4-Matilda-NorbergLast weekend I went to Falkenbergs Museum for the opening of the exhibition “Knitwear – from Chanel to Westwood”!

It’s been getting lots of attention here in Sweden, which is great! Falkenberg is not a big city, and the museum is nothing but tiny, but still they are producing excellent design exhibitions!

But I didn’t really have the time to see this, bigger, show, as I was mostly visiting my friend Matilda, who showed HER exhibition called “Skal – Stickade experiment”, experimental work from her studies at Royal college of art, in London. Matildas work is placed in the small room called “The project room” in the museum.

Seeing her was great, it has been a while! But even better was her work, have a look at this!

Handknitted, with gradually added strands and bigger needles, until the whole thing forms almost a whole circle!


Machine knitted, with the same technique, and with a yarn that later was melted to form this stiff shape, and again, a circle! So gauzy that my camera was unable to focus properly…focus-please-Matilda-Norberg




Here layers of knitted and laminated fabric is glued together in one end  to form a chunky block!




And here that type of block is holding a huge “coat” of fabric together in the neck.

The grey dress is also knitted, in two layers, and later laminated with placed pieces of foam in between, now showing here as puffy squares in the fabric.




To the right you see that coat, and to the left a dress with tons of layers of fabric glued together to form a heavy block! And that block is later carved into shape! With a knife!

In the middle is Matilda herself, explaining her techniques!










All in all a small but very interesting show, with a lot of the process behind displayed too.






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