The stripy dress is no longer!

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So, after overdoing all things striped last week, look here and here, I decided to use the OTHER side of my knitted fabric. The non striped side, to be exact!


The reason? The images I collected made me realize that I DON’T LIKE dresses that have the stripes go up and down, and it was too difficult to cut it out the other way around.

So todays lesson!  Use the other side if the first is giving you trouble!


And it’s almost prettier on this side, right?



But as I had been experimenting a bit when creating this fabric, there were too many color changes, and I had to include at least one. So I put it “center front” so to say! Across the chest, front and back.

Seen from the stripy side here, obviously.


The reason behind making this dress is that I’m trying out my new pattern Kilafors in a knitted version  ( The knit version will be called Kinna! ) so the welt pocket’s lower edges are gathered and “stands out” a bit from the body when finished, the same as in my earlier flannel dress or first muslin



Admittedly, this fabric was maybe too heavy and thick for that particular design, but in the end I love the pockets anyway.

But boy was I lucky that the fabric was a dream to press!



Pockets coming together…



And the collar is in place.



Time to add some sleeves.


I wanted to tweak the gathered sleeves I used before, so I drafted new ones.


I usually create my patterns by draping on the dressform, and I used this very orange jersey to try out a new sleeve.




It looked ok, but I made second one, to be sure!



Yes, I think I nailed it, time to cut from the knitted fabric! But, I got to go now…

The dress will have to spend a few days sleeveless 🙁





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