The Askim dress

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My Askim dress,  a pattern that is about to be launched soon. At the moment it’s being tested, and as soon as all the sewing and reviewing is complete I will open my Etsy shop.

I’m a men’s tailor and fashion designer and have been working with clothes and patterns for years and years…

Recently I have done a lot of print patterns for fabric, but missed working in 3 dimensions, so this is the start of a whole new fun project for me! I will be selling sewing patterns (pdf files) and this dress is the first in that line!

So, I’m in need of a bit of feedback, all comments are more than welcome!

The style is very inspired by the classic Marimekko shirt dress, but I also looked at one of my favorite avantgarde designer, Ann Demeulemeester.

 photo Askim-1small_zpsdfbcd60e.jpg

Here we go:

The fabric is very soft thin cotton, a bargain from a local thrift store. It looks a bit “wintery” but it really is very thin and lightweight. (hello crazy fraying edges!) I love the broad stripes, blue is not in general my favorite color, but here it looks great!

Now, the pattern is of course my own “Askim”, it’s basically a long shirt. As you can see I have played a bit with the stripes on the front, like putting the stripes horizontally in the inset bib front with tucks. It can of course be made without that extra  fuss.

http://Askim by Gavanna Patterns/Tina Olsson 2 photo Askim-5small_zps27c73369.jpg

The puff sleeves are a bit high, and drawn up unto the shoulders, to make the shoulder seam quite short. It’s not tight at all, the extra fabric in the sleeves gives lots of room to move.

The sleeves are wide and straight, 3/4 length, and folded double and secured with two ribbons in knot.

http://Askim by Gavanna Patterns/Tina Olsson yoke and sleeve photo Askim-6small_zps9d928293.jpg

I didn’t really use any fancy techniques on this dress, just serged/overlocked all seam allowances inside. I concentrated more on getting the style and look right this time.

I wanted it to be slightly A-line, but not really wide. I also took great care to make the backside hang free and not get stuck on the behind!  The eternal problem with a sway back….

http://Askim by Gavanna Patterns/Tina Olsson backside photo Askim-4small_zpscfb53210.jpg

I’m quite happy with this dress, I will wear it a lot! But I ‘d love some honest feedback!

And would anyone like to give it a try, I would LOVE to send a free pattern for review! All sizes will be ready in a week or so.

Askim by Gavanna Patterns/Tina Olsson 3 photo Askim-3small_zpsf476b803.jpg

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