Ready for spring= Denim skirt is done!

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Hello again!

After the last post, when I got totally lost in all the details of the A-line, it’s now time to get to the point.

The new denim skirt, voila!

This is the center back, with the zipper. Inside of an exposed zipper, like here, I always add a piece of fabric as a, well, you could call it zipper-cover maybe?

I’ve had enough of itchy, cold and irritating zippers, not to mention the little metal stopper at the bottom of it! So now it always get covered with a nice, soft cotton on the inside. I make sure to sew this fabric in place all the way around the bottom of the zipper, to make it stay in place. Usually I just include it in the top stitching process.




Zipper from the outside! As you can see my sneaky double-thread plan worked out just fine!

( I used two upper threads, one standard, and one thin and shiny meant for machine embroidery, together in the same needle, for the top stitching.)




The inside of the front pockets. I dislike gaping and bunching pockets soooo much, I always sew the center front together like this, to keep the pockets from sliding to the side. I helps with holding the tummy in too, so a win-win 😉

I got a bit carried away here and finished the pockets in a rush, totally forgetting to overlock/serge the edges and the center front seam. I had to use the “antique” zig zag method, It’s less fancy looking but it still works…pocket-insides



The inside of the waistband/facing got a bias binding made with the same soft cotton.




And here it is!

It was a bit sloppily done, this is seriously not a “show off” piece, but a very usable everyday skirt! And I’m happy with that!

But still, I have serious plans for a new, improved version to be made soon! I have a nice, brandy-like brown twill just waiting in the stash….




This skirt doesn’t have a visible waist band, but a folded down facing on the inside. I never got around to finding a good solution to the inner waist band vs. the pocket that goes up to the waist here, so this is my quick fix, a gap in the seam. This is what I mean with a “bit sloppy” 🙂 But hey, it’s working!



And it’s still not hemmed. Maybe I will keep it like this? The denim is very heavy and stiff, any type of folded hem will be BULKY!



Is it maybe too wide in the hip area?






Nope, just fine as it is. All dressed up for springtime!





So, typically, today it’s pouring down, and quite cold around here. I was planning to put my winter jackets in the basement this weekend, but no way, I still need them.

It will be at least another month before I dare to go outside with just a small scarf between me and the wind. Maybe two months… but the skirt will wait patiently!!





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  1. I loved you last post! I got so much inspiration from it. This skirt looks so good and thank you for sharing the pocket stsying tip. I think your skirt is just perfect and you have styled it beautifully?? . Here’s hoping spring arrives soon?

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