Pretty little flannel dress success!

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Here’s an update on the flannel dress. Yay, I managed to make a dress out of it!

Well, a bit too short, but you can’t have everything 🙂

Here’s the full story:

You remember that I had way too little fabric? I had to piece the sleeves to manage, same with the pockets. Here you see the inside of the pocket, made from my orange scrap fabric.


The pocket itself is a welt pocket, you can see a basic tutorial from Craftsy here

And as you see I made my own version, with one end on the front of dress, completed and neat, but the other end ends up enclosed in the side seam. Great way to save some time, only half the job needs to be done!

Well, actually, I made it like this because I like the look!

Another thing a bit different is that the outer side of the pocket is bigger than the opening, it’s standing out from the dress, plus it’s slightly gathered along the lower side. All in all a very easy way to make a more interesting pocket.


Next step is the neck. Orange facing, as usual here! And my gosh, did I need to re-do that seam? There’s a curve as big as a half moon…

But you can clearly see the nice little trick at the very tip of the V-neck. It almost always pays to make just a few small stitches across the end of the V shape, instead of making a very sharp turn. It often looks much better when finished, and reduces the risk of making a hole when you make the necessary cut, to turn the facing inside.

inside neck

And here is the finished V-neck, with top stitching and all. It’s a tiny bit U-shaped at the bottom, instead of a sharp V.

A very pointy V neck is a sure way to get in trouble, this is often a better solution.


This V-neck ends up in small stand up collar in the back of the neck, and with a couple of big loose pleats going down to the bust. The inside of the neck was later finished with binding. Orange, the new black.


The rest was a piece of cake, I used the same sleeves as on my Askim dress,

And now, ta-da! The (still pretty short) dress!

Gavanna Dress flannel That necklace is behaving odd. framifrån

And the backside!bak 2

Ready to chop some wood!

kavla upp


In reality, I’m pretty sure I will use this as a tunic, I’m not terribly into short skirts or dresses. But for photos I can play dress up.

I will probably tweak the sleeves a bit, but the rest I’m quite happy with. I’m thinking about trying it out in knitted fabric next time….

So this will be a future Gavanna pattern, keep your eyes peeled!

Do you want to be a pattern tester for this one? Let me know!

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