Plum blossom, it’s probably the right season somewhere?

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Hi again!

Here’s my new blouse, made with a LOOOOOVELY fabric from Spoonflower.

(Or is it a shirt? No, blouse feels right )

So whats so lovely here? Well, everything but breathability! But hey, you can’t have it all, especially with polyester!!

The quality is called “Silky faille”, polyester, 24 dollar/yard in 54″ width, so it’s not horribly expensive for a print on demand fabric.

It’s quite thick and has a nice, heavy drape. Super easy to work with, both sewing and pressing, and fraying just a tiny bit. It’s been washed, and didn’t shrink or loose any color, nor wrinkle. On my recent trip this turned out to be a true wash and go blouse, it dried in no time and needed no ironing AT ALL!

The material is compact (the threads are compressed pretty tight together in the weaving process) so it doesn’t breathe a lot, on the other hand it didn’t feel like a plastic bag either, so all in all totally OK!

And the print, oh my!

It looks wonderful, so clear and crisp, with perfect colors.

It’s inspired by classic Japanese fabric design and the Ume flower ( or 梅 ) a close relative to plum and apricots.

The background is a big sweeping wave of lines, and lots and lots of flowers! I’m planning to release more color versions very soon! You find it in my Spoonflower shop.

And the blouse? Another version of the Öckerö dress, soon to be released!

The culottes (yup, not a skirt) will be included in the jumpsuit pattern that’s on it’s way to completion even sooner! You can see it here, and please let me know if you would like to test sew that ( or another ) pattern for me! MUCH appreciated!

And finally, you didn’t forget to download the free pattern?

Love, Tina


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6 Responses to “Plum blossom, it’s probably the right season somewhere?”

  1. risingtothesurface

    Hi, I am behind in reading the blog posts and just saw this one. I love your fabrics and saw that you offered a free pattern for Thai pants. I just downloaded it. I also posted on PatternReview that you have a free pattern only thing is…I don’t know how long you are offering it for free. You may get a few people from PatternReview looking at the pattern.

    • Hi and thanks for spreading the word about my free pattern! At the moment I’ve decided it will be available until the end of November, so everyone should have plenty of time to grab it! By then it will be replaced with another free pattern, or there might be no less than TWO free patterns for a while! Anyway, I’m very happy to read that you love my fabrics!!! Thank you! And I’d love to hear about the thai patterns, how they turn out, do they need some tweaking and so on, so please let me know! Tina

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