Plaid shirt – The Movie + MY SHOP OPENING!!!!!

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Hi everyone!

For me, this summer has been divided in two parts, both have been a lot of work, but in VERY different ways!

One thing has been all about cleaning, getting rid of garbage, painting, mending roofs, digging in the garden, taking down bushes, painting some more, weeding, even more garbage to drive away with and so on and on… things that were hiding in the shadows and suddenly they ALL all jumped out to say ” You have to fix me NOW!”

This part has been pretty hard on my wardrobe. More than one thing has gone to the garbage heap, and some new stuff is badly needed!

And while sewing up some nice new shiny stuff is always fun, the practical everyday things to wear around the house, is less interesting and exciting. But much needed, so here we go:

The plaid shirt in black and white!

It’s basically my Kilafors tunic pattern but made as a button down shirt instead. I added 3 cm to the center front line and cut it open, not on the fold. The overlap is now the button placket. The inside of the hem and the front and collar have facings made in a turquoise soft fabric.

I’m modeling it here with my super baggy linen pants, so the overall look is pretty sloppy, but that works for around the house!

I also made this shirt for a couple of tutorials I’m working on. They will show up here very soon, as they are part of my pattern instructions. And that’s a rush, because my shop on Etsy IS NOW OPEN !!!!!

This is the other thing I’ve been struggling with all summer! Hours in front of the sewing machine, hours and hours in front of the computer!!

You’ll get the whole story in my next post!

But meanwhile, a BIG thank you all pattern testers, especially Anna, Mia, Julia, Siri, Marcie, Siobhan, Amy and Houdda!!!

Love to all of you from me!

So, let’s celebrate! The amazing and super stylish patterns in my shop are priced very low this first month, and here is the amazing coupon code that gives you an additional 50 % off!

So, right now it’s $ 4 for a pattern! Can you believe it?

This is the code to use at checkout:



And if that’s not enough, watch this supercool  😉  30 sec video:

“Plaid shirt – The Movie”!!!!

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