My print design in a book!

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Hi again!

As you might already know, I don’t just create sewing patterns, I also design fabric patterns. Now that’s a bit confusing, patterns and patterns, right?

Fabric patterns mean, in this case, some kind of design to be printed on fabric, usually in a seamlessly repeated way. Surface design is another way to say it!

Surface design can be used in a million different ways, like printed on garment fabric, upholstery fabric, wallpaper, stationery and other paper, greeting cards and wall decor just to mention a few.

These days, with digital printing, it’s quite easy to create your own fabric in places like Spoonflower. (You can also make wallpaper or wrapping paper)


Here’s one of my wallpapers from Spoonflower, and it’s one of the patterns included in the book!

Victory wallpaper


As a designer you try to sell your design to one of the big producers of, for example, sewing fabric. Not an easy thing, there are like a million very, very talented designers out there! You constantly need to try new ways to be seen and recognized.

A fellow print designer, Kristi O’Meara, have collected and put together more than 500 different surface designs in a wonderful book, and it’s soon available on Amazon, and I’m IN IT! ( well, a few of my designs that is ) Happy dance here, I’m sooo proud!

Read more about it here!

själva boken på amazon


And it gets better! In the few previews of all the  (697 !)  illustrations you can see over at Amazon, I have no less than 3 patterns! Wow, it looks like this:


boken och översikten med pil




The three prints seen above are all in my Spoonflower shop too, and this is an example of how one of them could look in a dress





Here are a few more of my prints designs included in the book:

Wine bird



Strawberry dragonegg







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