Moving into pink territory + Spoonflower free shipping

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Hello again!

I had totally forgotten about my fabric order from Spoonflower when I was writing about all my green stuff the other day. ( Sometimes shipping to Sweden is sooooo     s-l-o-w, and I mean a WHOLE month. It’s not like I live on the North pole? )  ( Just pretty close 😉 )

Anyway it was a bit of a surprise to find this in the mailbox! And it’s not green, can you imagine?

The poppies and the rest of the details are handpainted, and they are very, very shocking pink on my screen! But in reality it just doesn’t print that pink, so they are more dull on the fabric. Still good enough for me though, I love the colors!


Here’s my original painting

And this is the image of the fabric over at Spoonflower:



And here it is!! 2 yards of crisp organic cotton sateen!

Awesome quality, and did I mention organic? What’s not to love?

I haven’t decided on exactly what to make with it yet, but first it has a

( not hot ) date with the washing machine! I totally expect it to loose some color, printing on cotton is still not 100 % reliable. But I think I will love it anyway…

There were a few more fabrics in my package, but I’m saving some for later…



If you don’t know what Spoonflower is, this is how it works:

You choose a fabric design that you like, OR upload your own (repeated) design.

You pick from all the different qualities of fabrics, wallpaper or wrapping paper available.

( for bright, lasting color I recommend the polyester fabrics)

They print your choice and send it to you!

( It’s U.S based, so it’s just us Europeans that have to wait and wait and wait. But once I got my order within 10 days, so it’s unpredictable)

Follow this link to their site!


And to make things even more fun they are offering free shipping worldwide the whole day, on Monday july 13, from 9. am. Yay!




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