Let’s try some wave tucking!

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Hello again, I can’t understand how it can be so long since my last post? And can you believe I had a second, long and tiresome cold in May? Nope, it’s unbelievable  🙁


But I have been sewing, so…. whoopee, meet my new dress!!!

( I’m looking way too serious, as usual)

It’s a version of my pattern Askim, HOPEFULLY to be released soon! Same puff sleeves as last time, with a tied band as sleeve tab.




This time I made shirt style hem, with a facing on the inside. Pattern hack tutorial to come…





The front has a bib, and this time I made very interesting wave tucks all over it!




Yes, time for the wave tucks.

If you want to know more, google “wave tuck” and you will find lots of inspiration.

Here they are not sewn, just pressed, and then pinned/sewn down in different directions! It was perplexing TO SAY THE LEAST before I made a proper template.



There has been a lot of paper folding going on here!

But since that is a perfect level of activity when you have a raging fever I’m not complaining tooooo much.



But now it’s perfect! So much that I have made a separate wave tuck tutorial!

Including downloadable paper folding template! For free!

Link here!



So after completing the bib, the rest was a breeze.

The material, on the other hand isn’t really breezy at all, it’s a plain weave cotton from Borås Väveri, a swedish printing company specializing in bedding. ( found by me in a thrift store) So I guess it was once meant for sheets… It definitely feels that way!

Stiff and inflexible, at least before I washed it!



But I’m really in love with the print! The small dots and splashes of black and grey are perfect! And take a close look, I made pleated pockets too!



So all in all a nice, not very breezy, summer dress. I’m ready for some sun and it looks like I need it….



And the pattern? I have no idea why I keep on running into weird computer problems all of a sudden, now some files are mysteriously missing ( AGAIN) and I have to RE-DO the whole digital pattern. Again.

Gaaaah, for the fourth time.


But there WILL be a pdf pattern, sometime. Not giving up now!







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