Knit your own fabric!

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I’m feeling inspired so I’m moving on with my new dress Pattern! I’ve decided to make a new test version, this time in knitted fabric and I have just the right thing waiting in my stash!

But first, what to call the pattern? I find that I like a pattern idea better when it has a name. And I’m still using Swedish sites and places so now I’m choosing between Åsaka, or maybe Lerkil? Any preferences?

Or maybe Borås, as that’s the name of the town where I made this fabric!!


Yes, it’s true! I actually knitted this fabric myself! Not by hand  😉  but using this beauty! An industrial circular knitting machine, ta-da!



This machine knits with a huge number of machines or “tracks” that go round in a circle and knit the fabric, as a tube, in no time! 

To see the process you can watch this (pretty hilarious) commercial video from a Taiwan company here

I especially like the dramatic music!

Anyway, this machine is placed at the University of Borå’s trikålab (jersey lab) where I spent one week of my design education, to learn all about knitting. But seriously, To learn just the basics you would need a year!!!

Knitted fabric is way complicated, there are hundreds of different ways to make it and all have their pros and cons. I definitely am aware now that knitted fabric (in high quality ) from thin jersey to chunky sweater stuff, is expensive!


So this fabric that I made used three different colors. I designed the pattern too, a simple stripe but with a subtle herringbone effect. Not exactly groundbreaking in design…

I planned to use it in a men’swear collection I created back in school, but never did, and so It has waited in my stash for quite some time.

I did it in three colorways, here’s the blue/blue. The backside is more exciting…

front and back



And here you see the change between red/white and red/blue. I  really like the look of the gradually changing colors.



This is the beginning edge, love how the brown comes in. But I have decided to save the red/white for later. There’s not much of it, sadly

beginning in red white


The backside is really nice. Maybe I will use that side?

A problem is that it’s striped lengthwise, and I don’t really like that look. I need to think about how to do this…baksidan av stickat








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