#jumpingintojune here I come!

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It’s almost time to jump OUT of June, I’m so very late but I made it! Phew…


Inspired by Chris over at “Handmade by Chris” I decided to follow in everybody elses steps and make a jumpsuit in June, for the so called #jumpingintojune challenge.

So here’s my own little green suit! I have been planning to make one for some time, and the gorgeous jumpsuits posted by Chris and all the rest of the jumpers made me speed up like never before, I just had to be a June-Jumper!

So I made my brain and my sewing machine work overtime, and when we finally had the jumpsuit ready, I had to take some jumping photos too. 😉


Well, at least I decided on sensible shoes… good for me, or I could be in the emergency room by now! How many times is it possible to jump down one little step and NEVER catch it on camera? I swear, I did it 50 times and all I got was landings… and more landings. Plus some running, but nooooooooo jumps.


Finally I had pick out another place for the photo shoot as the sun was starting to blind me..

So, I changed location, and nailed it on first try! (Pretty awesome jump too, If you ask me )





That first place must have been jinxed ?




So with that out of the way, here are some details:

This jumpsuit is made with a pattern drafted by me, and my plan is that this will be the third in line to be released by my very new pattern company. I think it will be available this fall, hopefully.

Any feed back on how it looks is very, very welcome! And if you haven’t had enough of jumpsuits by now, some pattern testing would be awesome too!



Ok,  back to the details. This one has a fake wrap in front of the pants .The top part has overlapping collar and lapels. But the pants will have two options, fake wrap, or just plain ordinary pants. Here this fake wrap is closed with a tied band. Pockets are of course included!



I have made it in a knee length, but it’s not too difficult to make it shorter.

Later I will add an option to make it with more ordinary pants, but maybe that will be more of a pattern hack tutorial… We’ll see!

The pants are very wide, more like culottes actually. The long pants will be less wide I think?


It has a dropped waist, and in the photos you can see that it’s very loose. It will be possible to add some elastic to the waistband, so keep it more close to the body. And I guess the pattern will be made without a separate waistband, that was quite tricky to do. Personally I love this straight, loose and very comfy style, very much a look of the 20’s or 30’s if you’re into retro style.


I designed the lapels to give a long, elegant look to the front, especially when made with long pants. But somehow I never look elegant, not even jumping around the garden like a maniac. The backside looks good though.


Good thing: the lapels overlap so much that no modesty precautions have to be taken! All my jumping didn’t make me feel exposed even once…



And finally, the fabric: Not anything special, It’s a bargain from the local store. A thin but heavy and “drapey” polyester that worked perfect for the pleats and the whole look. But boy, it’s heavy, and warm! A silk or thin wool would be lovely I guess.



And here’s Mr photo bomber! Thanks for all the hair on my jumpsuit, buddy!









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14 Responses to “#jumpingintojune here I come!”

  1. Thats so cool that you dreafted your own jumpsuit! Your action shots are great too. They made me smile because you are having so much fun?. I like the relaxed chic look of your jumpsuit. Do you have a name for it?

  2. Thank you both of you! Yes, that green is a pretty color, and wonderful to hear it looks relaxed chic! Love that, I might need to quote you! But no name yet, I’m thinking of Malö, ( pronounced Ma-low) a small, beautiful island near where I live. But I’m not sure yet….

  3. gayeproctor

    I love this. Very unusual and stylish. If you are ever looking for pattern testers, I’d love to try this version.

  4. sewbussted

    I would love to test the pattern for you. It’s a great jumpsuit. I love the styling and the fact that it is not the overdone jumpsuit that we’ve seen so much of. Just email me at sewbussted@yahoo.com if you would like for me to make up the pattern.

    • Yay, thank you, Love to hear that you like the look! As I’m a bit late to the jumpsuit party I tried hard to make something more unique, as you say, there has been a lot of them around lately! Pattern testing is definitively needed so I’ll keep you in mind!

  5. jay

    I like the jumpsuit and would happily pattern test, except for the fact that I don’t do pdf (printer gone west!). What I like is the wrap front continuing into the skirt/legs part, this makes for an unusual jumpsuit.

    • I’m very glad to hear that you like it, and especially the wrap front! This does make it a bit unusual and interesting, I hope! Sorry about your printer :(. I’m planning on including a print shop version later, that could solve the problem… but I don’t think I will have it ready for the testing round, sorry! But if i do, I’ll get back to you!!!

  6. Wayhay!! There’s some big jumping going on there!! Fab jumpsuit and amazing that you’ve drafted it yourself! Must be a great feeling to know it’s a proper one off! 🙂

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