Fabric shopping, and why is everything green suddenly?

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Hey all! We have finally had some lovely, warm summer weather around here. some would say it was too hot, but not me!

And I guess I was inspired by the season for I have gone all green suddenly….

Don’t get me wrong, I always kind of liked green, but this is a surprise. Look at this pile, where did all that come from?


Most of it was bought/made during the last 3 months, but I put it away immediately as I have been incredibly busy, and haven’t had the time to look through my stash for some time.

But I have plans for most of these beauties, so expect a lot of green from me in the future!

On top of the pile is the me-made tie dyed green jersey! The dyeing process you can find here! To be a batwing top.

The fabric has been around some time, of un-remembered origin 😉

Number two is the tricky one, see below…


Number three in the pile is my own design of oriental fans in black on green, this is destined to be a dress. Very soon. Bought from Spoonflower. The exact material is no longer available, closest would be the silky faille I guess.

Number four is going to be sleeveless, flowy summer top. ( OK, maybe it’s more aqua but it’s definitively greenish! ) Bought from local chain Ohlssons tyger

Number five is the leftovers from my green jumpsuit! Sadly not much left of it, because I love that green color. Bought from local chain Ohlssons tyger

And no 6, the patterned fabric at the bottom, a viscose/rayon i think, and it will probably become a sun dress. Found in a charity shop for a very good price.


Number two is the one I’m I’m unsure about. It’s half a cotton curtain in a BEAUTIFUL emerald green with BIG painted roses, but there’s not a lot of it…. any suggestions?

Grön gardin



Here’s a close up, lots of nice greenery..




And of course, never a photo shoot without cat-bombing!kattbombing


Finally, as I fear an overdose of the green stuff, I share a bit of pink too!!

small rhodis-in-zebra


Pretty, isn’t it?


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  1. STH

    I have been completely crazy for green, too! Just cut out another green blouse (white background with tiny green leaves and ladybugs). I guess it was a long winter.

    Love that picture of the flower in the mug–gorgeous color there.

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