4 days in Italy!

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Hello everyone! I’m sorry I have been a bit absent lately, but it’s been busy times….

First, I went to Italy for a few days, to work with a collection that I’m creating together with my colleague Maja. Secondly I’ve had the whole full of guests, and finally I topped that with a week and a half with an awful, mean and looong cold 🙁

The last two happenings are not really worth blogging about, I mean you’re not longing to hear all about my cough?

But Italy, that’s something else!

It was a work trip to Prato, outside of Florence in Tuscany.

We had decided on all the styles earlier and brought patterns and some product samples with us. (Made by me, yay) In Prato we went to sewing factories and fabric wholesalers, and tried to bring together a working collection of dresses and tops.  I think we got it all together in the end, but it was hard work for 4 full days, and not much time for fun and sightseeing!

But I had the time to get a few photos..



Most important, the cute little car we rented. Believe me, we spent more time in that car zooming around Prato, than sipping wine in cozy restaurants!

liten bil!



A very nice view from the hotel!






To work! Choosing fabric no 1….




Or No 2, for this…




…little top? So many decisions, so little time!





We managed to go out one of the evenings, we went “downtown” in the the small village where the hotel was located. A tiny bakery/cafĂ© was all that we found open, but lucky for us, they served wine! And cake.






The weather was rainy and a bit cold.





An even rainier walk back home.




Back at the hotel, at least the food was great! Pasta, of course.



And that was that!

Now we are waiting for a whole bunch of samples to arrive, maybe 12 different models, if we are lucky. But at the factory work is delayed, and delayed again… and again!

I’ll keep you updated, now I’m off to bed to sleep off the last of the cold, I hope!

See ya













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